Justin Hood

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Justin Hood is a dedicated, driven realtor whose service-oriented approach focuses on the people and communities he serves. He prioritizes building genuine, long-lasting relationships, going above and beyond to ensure that his clients achieve their real estate goals effectively and seamlessly. Both ambitious and creative, Justin approaches all aspects of his work with a steady confidence, fueled by a deep knowledge of the complex steps involved in real estate transactions as well as a clear understanding of the structural aspects and costs of building and renovating homes. In 2020 alone, Justin achieved over 12.85 million in sales, making him the number one GCI agent at his brokerage of over 250 agents. Now a sought-after listing specialist and consistent, top-producing agent at Coldwell Banker 400 North/Lake Lanier, he excels in his field because he understands the goals of homeowners and the intricate, human connections that make any exchange successful. “The best thing that an agent can do is make friends: with clients, to really understand what’s important for them, and with agents on the other side, to benefit my clients. Relationships are a form of power, a means of sharing valuable information. I make it a point to befriend everyone involved in a transaction. Real friendships—I start there.”


Justin was born and raised in Ellenwood, Georgia, mere miles from where he built his current family home. His father, a firefighter, instilled in him a strong sense of diligence and duty from a young age. Justin’s grandfather taught him to work on cars, opening his mind to the satisfaction of a hands-on education and a job well done. As a child, Justin helped construct the Hood family’s multigenerational homestead in Rex, Georgia. “That experience taught me to understand and appreciate the value of a home. Using my hands, going step-by-step, I got to see the plan unfolding, see the piles of wood and dust become a home. The process was simplified before my eyes, and I saw the beauty of it.” Justin attended Valdosta State University, then Clayton State University, gaining experience in public relations, organizational communications, business, and economics before entering the workforce with his first job at local produce distributor Destiny Organics. What began as a customer service role quickly led to work in sales, then a position as the company’s New Business Development Manager, meeting with national grocery chains and honing his talent for problem-solving, team management, and building professional relationships.


While at Destiny Organics, Justin began to explore real estate on the side, learning what he could online and the rest through hands-on experience. In 2013 he bought and successfully flipped his first condominium in Brookhaven, Georgia, doing all the upgrades and renovation himself. He fell in love during that first project, recognizing how the work required a perfect mix of his natural skills. He spent the next four years teaching himself the ins and outs of home repair and new building construction, from foundation to drainage to roofing, buying, renovating, and flipping homes while living in them. In 2015 he transitioned to working full-time in real estate, planning and executing his own projects, investing in local real estate, buying and selling multi-family housing, and consulting on local home repairs and renovation projects.


Justin earned his Georgia real estate license in 2017 and immediately began work for a local Atlanta brokerage, where he excelled at connecting and analyzing the various data points involved in buying and selling homes. “Anybody can look at selling prices, but I explore the data on a deeper level: What does this information really tell us? What does that mean for my client?” In realty he discovered a career that combined his talents and interests in ways that helped others achieve their goals, from relationship building to clear communication, prioritizing tasks, construction and home repair, analyzing geographical and numerical data, and serving others. Soon after becoming a licensed realtor, Justin was named the number one GCI agent at his Atlanta brokerage, selling over 18 million since his start in the field. In 2021 he was recruited by Coldwell Banker, one of the most trusted names in real estate. He now lists homes across Georgia, serving a dedicated, satisfied clientele with whom he’s formed long-lasting friendships and whose dreams he helps make into reality. “It’s been a natural progression toward what brings me joy and toward the work I do best. I keep clients for life because, in addition to doing the legwork and having the market knowledge, I care. It’s about more than real estate in the end. This is not a job for me—this is my life, and I love it.” Inspired by his faith and deeply committed to his family, Justin centers his life around the work, the people, and the values that shape who he is.