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Justin Hood


Justin Hood is a dedicated, ambitious, and creative REALTOR® whose service-oriented approach focuses on building real relationships with real people. He has in-depth knowledge of the complex steps involved in real estate transactions as well as a clear understanding of the structural aspects and costs of building and renovating homes. From helping his family construct their multigenerational Georgia homestead as a child to exploring the inner workings of real estate through years of hands-on experience, Justin learned to appreciate the value of  home. His unique mix of passion, experience, education, and expertise sets him apart from other realtors: He spent the first five years of his career immersed in the technical and procedural details of real estate, teaching himself the ins and outs of home repair and new building construction, renovating and flipping homes while living in them, investing in local properties, buying and selling multi-family housing, and consulting on local renovation and repair projects. He fell in love with his work, recognizing how it engaged the full spectrum of his natural skills and interests.  


Justin earned his Georgia real estate license in 2017 and immediately began work for a local Atlanta brokerage, where he excelled at connecting and analyzing the various data points involved in buying and selling homes. In 2020 Justin earned over 12.85 million in sales, making him the number one GCI agent at his brokerage of over 250 agents, with a growing list of loyal, satisfied clients he considers close friends. Now a sought-after listing specialist and a consistent, top-producing agent at Coldwell Banker 400 North/Lake Lanier, Justin thrives as a realtor because he understands the goals of homeowners and the important human connections that make a deal successful. Inspired by his faith and deeply committed to his family, Justin centers his life around the work, the people, and the values that shape who he is.